Should you decide to go for a full blast video marketing creation, you have to invest time, money, effort and talent to be able to attain the goal of completing a video marketing masterpiece.

First be clear about your goal by reviewing your product or service. What type of marketing video do you want to create? There are 12 types. These are: Demo videos, brand videos, event videos, expert interviews, how-to or DIY videos, explainers, animated videos, case studies and customer testimonials, live videos, 360-degree and VR videos, augmented reality videos and personalized messages.

Identify and define your target audience including a market niche. If your product is fit for a particular age level and can be used only by women, the niche market is a bit tight but more specific. You need to tailor your video marketing content to this target audience.

Be sure about the story you want to create. There are no excuses for not having a mastery of your company’s product or service. One way to write a successful story is to know your product very well, its uses(s) and impact on consumers.

Organize your teams. For the Production phase, you will need the following: Marketing Head, Creative Conceptualizer, Scriptwriter, Director, Cameraman, Cinematographer, Talents, camera and audio equipment. For the Post-Production phase, the editing software with PC and the Video Editor will suffice. For the Distribution phase, one Hoster/Coordinator well-versed in uploading videos on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms will be enough.

Write a script of the video story based on a conceptual storyboard. Data for the script can be taken from some sources including blog posts that can be converted into a marketing script. If you have a website that describes and shows your product in pictures and you need to embed a video story to enhance the quality of your site, you need to decide which level you want to begin in the production process.

Set up a studio, along with the primary camera equipment, and audio equipment and lighting equipment. Along with the studio is the organization of talents for specific video marketing projects. Identify local and national talents in your area that could be tapped later. Your outfit should have a directory of talents classified according to “new” or “old” skills with their corresponding fees.

When it comes to camera equipment, Android cameras with 12 megapixels and sufficient memory can be used. There are tripods available for used by iPhone and Android cams. Otherwise using Prosumer cameras and Professional cameras or digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLRs) used by international news agencies could be your other option(s). Learn about the technical aspects of shooting using a DSLR like manual settings, frame rate, aperture setting, shutter speed, ISO and white balance.

Post-production or editing work will need someone who has some experience in video editing using software like the Apple iMovie or the Adobe Premiere Pro both used by amateurs and professionals.

The use of digital marketing is on the assumption that the video package is of high quality and can successfully communicate across different types of viewers or audiences. Since video marketing is part of digital marketing, one of the significant benefits is its cost-effectiveness, and the ability persuade viewers to buy the product or services of a particular person, business, or company.

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